If you want to help us and become a member of Translation Team, or you think the current translation needs to be corrected then send us a letter to: support@imperialsupport.org

You must be:
- Living in the country you apply for
- Native speaker
- Fluent in English
- Very good writing and communications skills
- Knowledge of Game and Game Rules
- Helpful

Send us:
- Your Name
- Your Age
- Your Ingame User Name
- The Language you apply for
- Your motivation for applying
- Contacts ( msn, skype, ICQ, yahoo, etc. )
- Time of the day we can reach you
(server time or your local time - needs to be clarified)

We need to be able to stay in contact with translators because we have a constant need for translating small texts and messages every time we make a change in the rules or add new content in News page.