Game of Luck

It is located in the Tavern. You can participate in the Game of Luck with tickets bought, either with gold equal to Empire's 1-hour production, or with 850 diamonds. The number of the purchased tickets is unlimited. A lucky ticket, one for all the realms, is drawn every hour. The winner is rewarded with a gold amount equal to his 100-hour production. The Game of Luck reward is received by opening a special casket in Extras tab of the Premium menu. If there is more than one Game of Luck reward you still haven't received, you can open one casket per day.


The in-game symbolic presence of Imperia Online's administration appearing as a source of a system message. Gamemaster’s messages contain official announcements on behalf of Imperia Online team regarding upcoming events, news or successful diamond purchases. They are received in orange envelopes and are saved in System tab of Messages menu, labeled Gamemaster.

NB! Do not confuse real gamemaster system messages with random ill-intentioned messages sent by a regular player with a name similar to gamemaster, admin, administration, ImperiaOnline etc, received in a green envelop and located in the Private message’s inbox, aiming to obtain personal information, such as password, or mislead the players encouraging them to send dubious sms for non-existing diamonds. Always bear in mind that Imperia Online will neither ask you for personal data nor lead diamond purchase propaganda via private message.

Imperia Online team recommends immediately reporting all malicious messages of that kind and commits to permanently block the ill-intentioned users responsible for them.


1. Space behind Fortress walls where troops are deployed. Each Fortress level has certain base garrison limit which is raised by Military Architecture levels.

2. Troops deployed behind Fortress walls. Garrisoned units don’t require upkeep and don’t have Morale because they simply can’t flee.


Military rank conferred to players with 500 000-749 999 military points.


Imperia Online's official holiday module. Several times an era, on holidays of general validity selected on Imperia Online's discretion, players have the exclusive opportunity to exchange gifts, thus, celebrating and testifying their noble generosity, unlimited loyalty and deepest respects to the partners in war and peace. The upcoming implementation of Gifts, along with all relevant deadlines regarding sending and opening, is always announced in in-game news and/or system message. The available gifts are: resources, army, diamonds and premium. You can send all kinds of gifts to the same player more than once. You can send gifts to yourself. Each player can receive army and resources equal to not more than 100 hours his/her total production of wood, iron and stone in gold equivalent. A received gift can be either opened or deleted. Deleting a gift does not give sender's diamonds back, but if it is with army or resources, it do releases the part of receiver's limit the gift has occupied before the deletion.

There are two types of gifts with army and resources:
- a gift worth the 5-hour production of the receiver (at the price of 850 diamonds);
- a gift worth the 10-hour production of the receiver (at the price of 1700 diamonds).
So, during the same Gift session each player can receive at the most 10 resource gift and 10 army gifts for 1700 diamonds each or 20 resource gifts and 20 army gifts for 850 diamonds each.
NB! The content of a gift is NOT subtracted from sender's current property, only price's value in diamonds is. The amount of resources and/or army you've sent to a player will increase if his production gets higher at the time of opening the gift. However, even if receiver's production gets lower, the amount won't be any smaller than the one at the time of sending. Gifts with diamonds are sent solely with purchased diamonds. Players at less than 10 000 net worth points cannot send gifts with earned diamonds. Once a day during the whole Gift session, there are Happy hour special 50% discounts. Happy hours are announced solely on Imperia Online's official Facebook page. The first gift a player receives is purchased at half price unless there is an active happy hour.

Gifts message

A message informing about received gifts, sent by another player or won in the Lottery, and about automatically opened gifts.

Global account

Using the same username, e-mail of registration and password in all Age of Conquest’s realms, meaning that upon the very first registration, the username and e-mail used become permanently reserved. If a player already has an account and would like to register in a new realm with the same login data, he should click on 'Have an account?' link in the register form. Accounts from old Imperia Online versions can be added to Age of Conquest’s global account from Settings menu, by entering username and password. If password is changed, it affects all global account’s Empires.

Global effect

An effect applied to the whole Empire.

Global map

The lands where Age of Conquest’s world is located. A map equal and fully visible for all players in the realm. The place where all Empires, colonies, alliance castles and rally points are situated and where all military interactions between players and alliances, such as attack and espionage, are exclusively executed. Global map is spatially measured in Imperial miles. The longest distance can be 2800 IM. It is accessed from the upper icon of the map sector in the left upper corner in-game.

Global map's animations

Visualization of traveling troops, either your own missions or incoming enemy attacks, on the Global map if you have previously activated the Global map's animations in Settings menu.


The currency of the game generated as a tax, exacted from the working population following the 6 different tax rates. Gold is generated and used in a centralized way, from the treasury, located exclusively in the Empire’s capital, i.e. exacted taxes go directly to the treasury, as well as the required gold for constructions, researches or army upkeep is extracted automatically from there without any need for transportation.

Gold balance

The difference between expenses and income. Gold balance can be positive or negative.

Gold equivalent

Conversion into gold monetary unit of the other three resource types – wood, iron and stone, following the equation: 1 gold = 2 wood = 0,4 iron = 1 stone.

Gold transfer

Sending gold to an ally. It is, though, limited. Players can send or receive not more than 10% of their current net worth gold equivalent. Gold transfer is taxed. The closer to his/her limit a player is, the more gold will be lost during transferring. The sender will be notified how much of his gold will be lost due to taxation. Gold will be sent using supply wagons and will be received in the Depot station.

NB! In order to successfully transfer gold you need a Depot Station, supply wagons and at least one annexed province. The gold is sent from Gold transfer tab of the Depot Station.

For more information about gold transfer click here.


Popular denomination of abandoned empire.

Great Temple

Alliance castle’s special building which increases the range of cultural and military influence by certain radius per level. The rise has a fading nature i.e. with every following level the difference between two levels is smaller compared with the previous one.

For more information about Great temple click here.

Group offer

A group shopping module which grants discounts up to 70% if a certain group offer is bought by certain minimum number of users before the deadline. Each offer has the following features – product, discount, term and minimum number of sales. If the required number of sales is made in time, the offer is activated and after expiring the buyers receive successfully the purchased service. If the offer is not activated, the diamonds are returned to the buyers at the expiration of the term. In case of current group offers, a discount label shows up on the Village map.


- Imperian elite swordsman class.
- Special features: bonus hit points x1.2 in defense and hit points x2 while garrisoned.
- Requirements: Melee attack [15], Armor [15], Centralization [10].

For more information about guardians, click here or see the in-game description in Infantry barracks.