The statistics showing how happy with the sovereign’s government the population is. There are many factors, daily and single time, which cause raise or drop to current happiness and should be considered carefully so no unexpected unpleasant results occur. The main consequence from low happiness (not recommended) is emigration, riots and rebellions. The closer to its limit the happiness is ina a province, the happier the population is and the poorer chance for emigration and riots there will be.

For more information about happiness click here.

Happiness balance

The overall sum of all local or global daily happiness modifiers for the current 24 hours between two migrations. The happiness balance is the statistic determining if the Happiness will be rising or dropping every minute. It is calculated over a 24 hour period, i.e. if the Happiness balance is +24/24h, 1 Happiness point will be added to the current happiness value every hour. The happiness balance is showed in green in the left wing of Happiness window.

Happiness limit modifier

One of province circle’s special features. Raise or drop of the base Happiness limit which is equal exactly to the Happiness modifier value.

Happiness modifier

One of province circle’s special features. Daily Happiness bonus or penalty value equal exactly to the Happiness limit modifier value which is individual for each province.

Happy tax

A button located in the tax menu. It sets all annexed provinces' or colonies' taxes at the exact rate which the happiness balance gets positive with.

Heavy archer

- Heavy archer class.
- Requirements: Range attack [8], Centralization [5].

For more information about heavy archers, click here or see the in-game description in Shooting range barracks.

Heavy cavalry

- Heavy cavalry class.
- Special features: bonus charge x1.5 for Imperian heavy cavalry and x2 for Nomad one; suitable for pillages given the high speed and high value of pillage strength.
- Requirements: Melee attack [8], War horses [6], Armor [8], Drill [2], Centralization [5].

For more information about heavy cavalry, click here or see the in-game description in Cavalry barracks.

Heavy spearman

- Heavy spearman class.
- Special feature – resist charge – immunity to all cavalry units’ bonus charge, meaning that they evade cavalry’s bonus hit in the first round.
- Requirements: Centralization [5], Drill [6].

For more information about heavy spearmen, click here or see the in-game descriptions in Infantry barracks.

Heavy swordsman

- Heavy swordsman class.
- Special feature: bonus hit points x1.2 in defense for Imperian heavy swordsmen and bonus attack x1.2 in attack for Nomad.
- Requirements: Melee attack [8], Armor [8], Centralization [5].

For more information about heavy swordsmen, click here or see the in-game description in Infantry barracks.

Heavy unit

The medium military unit class. Defends and attacks most easily heavy Fortress class levels – 4, 5, 6.
Heavy units in Age of Conquest: heavy archers, heavy spearmen, heavy swordsmen, heavy cavalry, catapults and ballistae.


It is the place where players can report bugs, irregularities, ask questions and clear doubts out.

High tax rate

Fifth tax level. 4 gold for 100 workers per hour. Takes 50 Happiness away per 24 hours.

Hit points

Unit’s parameter, implying - life, durability, resistance to enemy’s attack. Hit points of a certain unit type increase with accordance to the class – light, heavy, elite, and is boosted by Armor levels and Premium. The units with the highest hit points values, regardless the class, are all siege engines.

Holidays protection

An option that can be activated by every player but only during holidays previously announced by Imperia Online team and for limited periods determined by IO. While activated, the account cannot be attacked neither can send attacks. Meanwhile, the account can be accessed, buildings can be constructed, researches can be ordered, army can be recruited etc. All attacks sent to the respective Empire before the activation will still be performed. Alliance battles do not fall under any rules of protection whatsoever. Attacks to independent provinces for pillaging resources are also not possible. Attacks on the Dark fortress and Skull of wonders are possible. Army upkeep will not be taken although it will look as if it is taken in Statistics menu (army upkeep will be taken in case you attack the Dark fortress or the Skull of wonders, though).

* Both, Vacation mod and Holidays protection, can be activated solely if you currently don't have troops on a mission.

Homeless population

Homeless is the population an Imperian* gathers upon having already reached the population limit allowed by the current level of Houses. Homeless population growth is twice lower. It can be recruited for army, but cannot be hired and, thus, doesn’t produce resources. To make use of it, an Imperian should build enough levels of Houses. When the population number reaches 200 000 no more homeless population can be gathered.

* Only Imperians, Nomads do not have homeless population.


The statistics that shows each player's military behavior, according to the fact whether he/she conducts equal battles, fighting in a rather civilized way. Honor is earned in battles with active players but always if fulfilled the requirement of having lost at least 10% of your own army and if the attack is in the allowed range x2. All players receive +2 daily Honor points and Diplomacy Officers +1 additional Honor point every day. Honor is lost in pillages, attacks out of range and for recalling the army after the 15th minutes from the beginning of the travel. Positive and negative Honor influence Morale and Happiness.

NB! Honor penalty for pillaging is taken after the battle is realized and, thus, it is shown in the battle report. Honor penalty for attacking out of range, though, is taken right after the attack has been sent, so it is never shown in the battle report and Honor is always subtracted even if the attack is recalled.

For more information about Honor click here and here.


This standing allows war declaration without any consequences for the Honor. The Hostility is active right after its declaration.


Buildings civilian villagers live in. Their levels increase the population limit of a province. Nomads have fixed houses’ limits for 220 000 villagers in province nº1 and all colonies, 200 000 in first circle provinces, 240 000 in second circle provinces, 280 000 in third circle provinces and base province limit + 100 000 in the capital, so they cannot build any and respectively exceed the pre-fixed limit. Though, 2nd and 3rd circles' limits can be manually decreased to 220 000 on player's own discretion.

How to play?

Imperia Online’s official full manual. It contains all the detailed information, a player might need at some point, organized in modules and topics.

Hybrid unit

Common word for all units that perform the abilities, bonuses and minuses of more than one type of unit.
Hybrid units in Age of Conquest: cavalry archers and cataphract archers.